I believe in the power of design to make people crack a smile, pay attention, and share stories that make everyone feel less alone. My sweet spot is creating work through branding + identity, print design, & illustration. I am looking to get my hands dirty with murals, web design, environmental design, + everything in-between. Other than that, I most likely can be found waving my arms around talking about how I dropped my entire breakfast on a stranger next to me on the train.

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Executive Director
Scout: Northeastern's Student-Led Design Studio, Present

Design + Photography Co-op
Boston Public Market, Spring 2017

Freelance Designer
j+ design studio, Spring 2017-Fall 2017

Graphic Design Co-op
Wilbur Theatre, Spring 2016

Commonwealth Coffee Company, Spring 2016-17

Resident Assistant
Northeastern University, Fall 2015-Spring 2017